Stages of Grief

By Chandlor Henderson

For most of my relationship with my wife I have cooked her breakfast every morning. I love eggs and sausage, but this past week I have been unable to do much other than be scared and angry. I have been consumed by the energy of the protests, and while I admit there were some moments I wish I had been there for, I do have 3 dogs to take care of and feed as well. This morning was the first morning in a week I have cooked our breakfast. We keep it simple, eggs over medium. Toast with vegan butter, and veggie sausage. This morning was the first time this week I have been able to sit and eat without crushing anxiety. But there is still a long way to go.

I saw the other cops got arrested today, and “Officer” Chauvin was charged with 2nd degree murder in addition. Seems “legit”, I don’t really want to speak on him more than these 2 sentences, he’s a piece of shit.

So another interesting piece of news is Donald Trump voted by mail in FL, and blatantly tried to do it illegally. Here is a link to a Washington Post story that has more info on it than I do.

Photo Credit John Adair

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