Happy Birthday Breonna Taylor

By Chandlor Henderson

Today would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. I won’t get into attacking the police in this post because today I just want to wish her a Happy Birthday and urge everyone to demand justice for her murder. Sign the petition below.


Anyone who watched the video of Buffalo police shoving that elderly man to the ground was made to realize one thing: the police will brutalize and murder anyone. The man in that video is a life long activist named Martin Gugino. https://twitter.com/martingugino. For years I would say to people that police brutality would eventually happen in every community, not only the black ones. To my horror, I was often told that it wouldn’t. That should have been a sign that I needed better friends. But now that this country is seeing the true boundlessness of police brutality, these misconceptions of safety are being challenged. I myself have never been kicked in the head by a cop, or hit with a baton or beanbag. I have, however, been detained and not allowed water or basic hygiene for days at a time. I’m aware of the effect of being profiled, the unfair judicial system, and the overall backlash that occurs after the fact. It’s not cool and the double standard is sickening. Follow this man on twitter — Martin Gugino — and ONCE AGAIN let’s hold the police accountable for their actions.


On another note, on August 28 of this year there will be a march on Washington organized by Al Sharpton and the families of police brutality victims. I am from Northern Virginia, 30 minutes southwest of DC, and I plan to attend this march. I haven’t been home for years, so this trip will serve a dual purpose. To all the homies back home who read this… let’s get together. To my family, I guess this is my announcement that I’m coming home for a visit. I’m looking forward to touching back on my local soil, and protesting with my family. It’s been a long time coming.

I also wanna say that for most my life I was turned away by Al Sharpton. I thought of him as a crook. But at the same time I used to praise Bill Clinton. Only recently have I started to realize the conditioning that had corrupted my logic. I’m sure that Al Sharpton isn’t perfect, but at least he’s marching and speaking out. We now have a President who is calling protesters terrorists, effectively labeling all black people terrorists in the eyes of white nationalists, in a country that WE BUILT. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to raise my children in a different country. I think the US is sick and I see no way of healing it quickly, but it’s still our duty to do our part. Black parents, don’t let your kids’ minds be colonized by America. It’s rotten. Smells like shit. I’m still in the process of decolonizing my own mind, so I can’t say for sure how to do it, but a good start is to just try. My most recent step was to delete FB. I didn’t really realize how much time I spent on that site until I wasn’t anymore. Now I’ve taken back that time. Funny how that works.

Photo Credit Breonna Taylor

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