Diaspora Project ~ Diego

The Diaspora Project started as my final for a photography class a few terms ago. The original idea was to reach out to members of the black community in Eugene and ask each of them the same 5 questions, take their picture, and share the results. After discussing this idea with my classmates and friends, I discovered that black people weren’t the only ones experiencing feelings of cultural separation in Eugene. I quickly opened it up to anyone living apart from their culture of origin. I considered turning these portraits and interviews into a book, but for now I think this blog is a more fitting venue.

I have a good number of these interviews, and I will release them throughout the coming weeks/months/years. Thank you

What brought you to Oregon?

My mother and stepfather got married in 2001 and we lived in Mexico for a bit, then moved to the Bay Area and then up here to Eugene. My grandparents had moved up here as well and my dad had found a new job here.

Do you plan on staying?

I do and don’t at the same time. Oregon is the most beautiful state I have had the chance to experience. I would love to have some secluded farmland and coastal property in Astoria or Yachats in the future because those are the most beautiful environments to me. As much as I love Eugene, I wouldn’t like to stay in town. I prefer smaller and more secluded areas.

Would you raise a family here? Why or why not?

Yes, if I am able to achieve my goal of getting farmland and coastal property. I feel that it would be a great place to raise a family. There’s so much beauty all around us and I would love to share that with family. The only thing I’m starting to get tired of is “American” culture. If I were to have a family I would like to expose them to a more connected culture.

What impact has Oregon had on you?

I’m not too sure. I feel that my parents have had more of an impact on me because of how they expose me to the community here in Eugene and how they’ve shown me what all I can do here. I’d say I’ve been somewhat Americanized from society and work ethic.

What would you say to someone moving here?

Explore as much as you can. There is so much beautiful stuff here.

Photo Credit Chandlor Henderson

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