Justice for Manuel Ellis

By Chandlor Henderson

On March 3, 2020, Manuel Ellis was murdered by Tacoma Police. According to the police’s story he approached the car, banged on the windows, and when they opened the door he pushed them to the ground. At that point their only course of action was to beat him till he died, while he pleaded for his life. This, for what ever reason, was overshadowed by George Floyd, even though the two killings happened only months apart. An investigation into Manuel Ellis’ death has since been reopened. But what’s sickening about this to me is that I can literally start every blog post with a recent death of an unarmed citizen at the hands of police, likely for the rest of my life.

Our nation clearly has no plan or desire to make any change, as proven by Philonise Floyd’s treatment today on the House floor. Instead of being a moment of atonement for generations of brutal treatment and state-funded terrorism, it became an opportunity to push a Blue Lives Matter message out to the nation. Let me just sit here and say this: Of course everyone’s lives matter, but not everyone’s ancestors were brought here in chains. Immediately after Philonise Floyd’s speech to Congress, where he simply asked* them to “make it stop,” Republican witness and token Angela Underwood Jacobs was asked to recall the story of her own brother’s passing. Her brother was a black police officer who was murdered in Oakland, California. I’m sure he was killed before his time, but the centering of THAT story above Floyd’s was a blatant political statement. A man just buried his brother, so your response is “Well what about me?” WHAT? And we elected these people? The lack of leadership and compassion in our public leaders is incredible and sickening.

Another interesting development is the fact that Donald Trump is starting to campaign again. But of course — in true White Nationalist fashion — he is kicking off his campaign on Juneteenth in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now, I’ve been amazed before that people aren’t aware of the Black Wall Street bombing, so I’ll post a link below for the simple people who are unaware. The chosen date and location of Trump’s campaign rally sends a clear message to the black community and America as a whole. I know that one thing many Republicans love to say is that they freed the slaves, but fuck that. No one gets an award for what you’re supposed to do. Y’all shouldn’t have had slaves to begin with, I’m not thanking y’all dirty dusty ass clowns for my freedom. Plus, it could be argued y’all freed the slaves because you knew the Gullas were coming for that ass. (Link below). They’re still here too, just ready and waiting for someone to start a problem.

Of course, the real way to revolt is to vote right. Because we all know voting rights are as fair as everything else, especially in the South. I hear Georgia had quite the issue voting today, as they always do, and it was only the primaries. It was very clear that Stacey Abrams had an election stolen from her in 2018, and to make it worse, they sent her a ballot with an unusable return envelope (it was already sealed shut). I know most of my peers in the Pacific NW don’t know a single person in the South, and they don’t see me as a Southerner either. But let me tell you — I have zero family in the Pac NW, and tons in the South. Those are my people. We are fortunate to be able to vote by mail here in Oregon. Perhaps because the racist laws kept black people away, the legislators don’t feel the need to suppress votes. But if the black population in Oregon was larger, I assure you, it would happen.

Ugh… I gotta go take a deep breath and cuddle my pups now. They can’t talk and they weren’t raised by white supremacists (closeted or otherwise), so they don’t randomly say weird racist things. Also they are cute.

*In my opinion, asking old white men for anything is a waste of time.

Photo Credit Manuel Ellis

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