Strange Fruit

By Chandlor Henderson

So I see Donald Trump backtracked on the Juneteenth rally he was planning. Of course he fell short of acknowledging why it was an issue to begin with, but at least the event is canceled. I am however curious of how many Nazis are still gonna be running around Tulsa on that day, Confederate Flags flying. I mean, they would be perfectly within their rights, considering Trump already set it in motion. I will say this — I doubt he even knew what Juneteenth is. It’s not like we’re expecting him to be an intelligent and thoughtful man or anything like that. His campaign says he picked that date and city because the state is friendly to him and it has a low rate of coronavirus per capita. I’m not sure if I believe that, or really anything anyone says anymore, but it’s something I suppose.

In the last 2 days, I was woken up by stories of suspicious black deaths, one of police gunfire at a Wendy’s, and one of a hanging in SoCal. The information on both of these deaths is murky, as most coverups are, and in time hopefully more details emerge. But this is for sure: no black person is safe in ANY European society. I remember when I was a kid my mother was horrified of a case where cops had taken a baton and forced it up a man’s anus. I was recently researching this with plans to write about it, and realized it had also happened in France. But, as much as I know about police brutality in America, this sent me on a tangent of research. What I found is that this happens everywhere. But once again, what would you really expect from these people? Most of them were introduced to black people via the slave exchange, and it’s not like people value education or truth. I don’t personally expect there to be much of a change in the way white America acts towards black people, but I do think we will have some legislative change. That doesn’t mean the use of coverups and evidence hiding will stop. For instance, I happened to come across Breonna Taylor’s police report, which doesn’t even include mention of her injuries. Those cops STILL haven’t been arrested. That omission of facts should be, and likely IS a felony. But we gotta keep on keeping on. I mean what else we gonna do?

On one “positive” note, NYC Council backed a $1 billion slash to NYC police funding. They have an astonishing $6 billion budget at the moment, which is more than some countries have. Sure, NYC is a GIANT city, with GIANT issues. And I admit, even now, I’m not 100% sure we should have zero cops. The issue for me is how we decide who can become a cop. Why do cops not have law degrees? Why are we not checking for white nationalist ties (or, if we are, why are we favoring them)? Why are people policing neighborhoods they have never lived in? These are the questions we should be asking. I’m all for defunding these sons of bitches and rerouting the money to people they have been terrorizing for generations. Even so, we can’t have zero cops. I’d like to be able to call the cops if someone breaks into my house. But as it is now, I wouldn’t dare. And that sucks, because I pay my taxes. I just don’t want to be the next black man that the world watches die on Youtube. This clearly means that I’m not protected by the United States in any fashion and I cannot depend on the constitution to protect my rights.

As some of you may know, I have been dreaming of moving to Ghana for years. Right now this is kinda of impossible because I have 3 dogs and a bunch of shit going on, but eventually it can happen. One of my favorite things to do is watch videos of black people from the diaspora that have moved back. I will start sharing links on here for people to watch. One day I will make it back, and at that time this blog will be much more positive and happy, I like to think. We shall see.

Theo Luhaka Photo credit Nurphoto

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