Criminal Associates

By Chandlor Henderson

Photo Cred Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Another one of Trump’s closest idiots has gotten arrested. This time it’s Steve Bannon. For Trump’s entire “Presidency” I have watched his cronies break law after law in plain sight. I think most of us suspected Bannon’s Mexico Wall GoFundMe to end in fraud and now here we are, with this man getting arrested on a 30 million dollar yacht, which happens to be owned by yet another disgraced businessman. This is the beginning — or maybe the end — of something extremely twisted. Either way, the situation is completely ridiculous.

I myself have never listened to a single Trump speech, not because of how much I hate him (and I absolutely do), but because he is a terrible public speaker and his mouth is full of lies. I choose to avoid his disgusting sneers in favor of articles written by people capable of forming complete sentences. More importantly, I read between the headlines, do research, and surmise my own conclusions, which I believe are shared by most non-white, non-wealthy people. Regardless of your ethnicity or socioeconomic status, one thing that should appear true and obvious is that Trump is a criminal. He is a criminal who keeps the company of other criminals who somehow end up being even dumber than he is. The fact that Bannon thought he could get away with stealing 25 million dollars collected via GoFundMe (a company that keeps very close tabs on its finances) is astoundingly foolish. Maybe not as foolish as the mouth-breathing ranch-guzzling idiots who donated their money to begin with, but… close.

What’s even more fascinating about this story is that the USPS arrested him. Meanwhile, Trump’s group of criminal friends are dismantling the USPS from the inside out by laying people off and removing mail drop boxes to suppress the vote. What a time to be alive. As a kid I couldn’t have imagined a US President and his associates going to jail. Now I look forward to watching Trump get indicted as soon as this election is over. Nothing would make me more happy. I can only imagine the outrage from his base of shit-sippers, which might even inspire them to pick a fight with the newly Democratic US Army. I’m sure that will work out swell for them.

Steve Bannon’s indictment seems to be a slam dunk with no real chance for acquittal. There are bank records, proof that he set up fake accounts, and shady website updates to throw off investigators. What I find interesting about him as a person is how he sat quietly in court, didn’t say a word in jail, and then as soon as he made bail he started yelling at the cameras. It’s almost like seeing a baby in a suit screaming about ice cream. It doesn’t make any sense. One thing I’ve noticed about people like that, even people I’ve meet personally, is their ability to break rules with unparalleled confidence. Do wealthy white men think that laws don’t apply to them, or that they can decide when and how to break them? The justice system isn’t perfect by ANY means, but I have hope that this tide is starting to turn. The prison industrial complex needs to be fed. There is plenty of food in Trump’s cabinet.

White America is a complicated place to live in. Let’s talk about the work place, for instance. Most of the people I’ve worked for have been “nice” normal folks who are outwardly laid back and often have similar interests. In my mind, apart from the size of their paychecks, what differentiates employers from their employees is their belief that everything they do and say is right, even if it’s clearly not. The double standards can become blatant and pervasive, and even fellow employees (usually white as well) are quick to defend their bosses, often out of fear or blind loyalty. I’ve also been on the other side of this dynamic, being the employer of a mostly-white staff. I didn’t seem to command the same reactions from my employees, and frequently found my white male employees talking down to me, even when I was the one approving their payroll and signing their checks. Of course these situations are incredibly frustrating, but this is reality.

That’s not to say stupidity and prejudice are only present in white people. A few weeks ago Herman Cain died of COVID-19, which he likely got from the Trump rally in Tulsa. It’s not a Republican vs. Democrat thing either. There is plenty of ignorance and hate on both sides of the aisle.

I am sensing some positive progress from the recent protests, but even BLM is beginning to feel a little colonized. I don’t want to hear about how some Karens got maced by cops, while these criminals in uniform continue to execute men and women of color EVERY DAY across the country and the world. Yet, Portland is the epicenter of the protests and media coverage. It’s crazy. I live in Oregon. I will admit, half the white folks here are pretty radicalized to the left, but the other half are “centralists” at best (conservative-leaning devils-advocates that would rather advocate for vehicular homicides than stop to think about their own participation in racial inequality).

I want to be a proud American, I really do. In spite of the racism, in spite of my ancestors’ enslavement, in spite of it all. But in order to be a proud American, I need the following conditions to be met.

1) Put Donald Trump in prison.

2) Put Jared Kushner in prison.

3) Put Roger Stone back in prison.

4) Put Steve Bannon in prison.

5) Make some type of police reform that sticks.

6) Appropriately tax the super-wealthy.

7) Start seriously addressing homelessness.

Is this too much to ask?! In the meantime, at least I have legal cannabis out here in Oregon. I can smoke about it and chill out a little. It does help tremendously.

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