2020 Google News Initiative Fellow (GNI)

Originally written and posted by Ashley Alese Edwards Sep. 28 2020 U.S. Partnerships Manager, News Lab In March, just as I was finalizing the webpage for the Google News Initiative Fellowship program, much of the United States—and the world—went into lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Offices, including my own, closed and employees began … Continue reading 2020 Google News Initiative Fellow (GNI)

White Terrorism > White Privilege

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT9IWNxHupc For most of my life I've been told by people how much more privilege they have than me. This often coincides with being asked if I can give them something or buy them something, which always gives me a little chuckle. But as I've gotten older and better travelled I personally don't believe in … Continue reading White Terrorism > White Privilege