Interview with Ruby McConnell, author of Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life

I recently spoke with Ruby McConnell about her new book Ground Truth: A Geological Survey of a Life. We spoke about many things, and true to my form and platform I asked her what she thought of BLM. Her responses were genuine and hopeful, and most importantly kind. I myself am excited to read her book, and I’m honored to have been able to do an interview with her. If you’re looking for a good book, grab a copy. Also, if you can help the Fern Ridge Library, more information is in the Eugene Weekly interview.

Me: “What do you think of the Black Lives Matter Movement?”

McConnell: “That’s a big open ended question. The only correct answer is black lives do matter. That’s the only way to think about it. As a white person I need to make sure I’m taking action in several ways. On a personal level, I need to be compassionate in my relationships that I hope white people already have with people of color. In a community level to make sure there are enough safe spaces, and appropriate conversations about change. Finally politically we need to get to the people who are making decisions about funding, training, protocol, and charges, and repercussions and having them act in a way that’s representative of human decency, human rights and the constitution.”

I mentioned it was a hard question to ask because I’m very biased, and I can pretend I’m not but I am. McConnell responded with, “We should be biased. Thats been the problem, by trying to just get along, that’s been the problem. It’s time for people to be biased.”

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