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Horoscopes for Leo Season (July 22 – August 21, 2021)

By Hannah Baker

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

The Sun in Leo opens the door and lets the sunshine in, coaxing your inner child to come out and play. You attract excitement, creative expression, and romance. 

Your instincts and perceptions of your friends may shift. Some people may be unreliable. Set boundaries with those who don’t support your best interest. This is an opportunity to form new alliances. Decide who you want to stay connected with and who it is time to part with. 

You have a winning charm with others. Judge people by their repeated behavior, not by your first impressions. The bonds you form with an open mind could change your luck and expand your horizons. 

Inspiration on a groundbreaking new project strikes with force. Perfectionism stifles the creative process when nothing measures up to your standards. A lack of collaboration may leave you feeling lonely and isolated. Others may feel you are pushing them away. You are competent working alone, but it is nice to have company. 

Leo season offers a time to follow your heart instead of your head. Ups and downs are both guaranteed and unpredictable. Let love guide you toward balance.

Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

The Sun in Leo grounds and stabilizes you among otherwise turbulent conditions. To best understand where you are, you must first understand where you have been. 

You are a fruit from the tree of your ancestors. There is a lot to gain from those who came before you. You have the power to change structures left by previous generations. It is your responsibility, for those who come after you, to leave this place better than you found it.

Insecurity seeps into your roots with an intense, unsettling feeling. You may feel unstable in your living situation like you don’t belong or like you want to break away. You may attract some attention by wearing your tears on your sleeve. You have nothing to hide, but some alone time is due. 

You are restless to change or move. If you could change the world overnight, you would. Monumental dreams take longer to achieve. Ask your closest friends and family for support as you undergo these life changes. 

We do not choose where we start, but we do choose where we go from there. Practice gratitude for those who laid the groundwork you build your dreams upon now.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

The Sun in Leo attracts dynamic and creative people who match your lively personality. You can’t keep track of all the ideas bubbling up between you and your friends. Follow what piques your curiosity at the moment.

You are an alert and efficient communicator. Of course, communication is easier among like-minded people. You may find yourself butting heads with those closest to you. Relatives may disagree with your philosophies or oppose your opinions. Keep your cool when others challenge you. Healthy debates can slip into heated arguments.

There is a lurking tension in your closest relationships. This may turn you into a nervous worrier, preparing for the worst in every situation. Take a vacation from reality for as long as it takes for your emotions to become clear. 

You can understand another point of view without compromising your beliefs. Your vision for your success does not work with the same old people in the same old places doing the same old things. A fresh perspective opens you up to romances, enjoyment, and self-fulfillment.   

It is time to break from routine. Follow your intuition. Have confidence in your independence. You are more powerful than you think.

Cancer (June 21st – July 20th)

The Sun in Leo rewards your individuality with the means to expand yourself. Your established sense of self attracts all that you have been asking for. 

You have a unique perspective on the ebb and flow of life. You know what it is like to suffer loss and how uncomfortable change can be. Others value your sensitivity and healing nature. Your spiritual intelligence is best used when shared. Inspire others with a healthy attitude toward change.

Your philosophies are deep and your opinions are firm. You tend to get your way in social situations. Determination to convince or control creates distance between you and friends. You may feel insecure or apt to worry when you surrender control. You are so fixed on details that you are at a standstill. 

Your mind is ripe with ideas and understanding. The world may not be ready for your innovative mindset yet. You are generous with your time and persistent in your goals. At the same time, you feel bitter that enough people don’t appreciate you. Personal fulfillment is more rewarding than trying to please others.

Wherever you are now, you are moving in alignment with your thoughts. Think, speak and act with intention.

Leo (July 21st – August 21st)

Happy birthday, Leo! Your annual trip around the sun boosts your mojo and blossoms new growth in and around you.

You are a natural leader and confident in your ability to navigate relationships. You are especially attentive and sensual toward others. Circumstances may threaten your security, something you are never willing to compromise. Use the odds against you as a chance to use your creativity and challenge your intellect. You are savvy with words and others refer to you as the “idea person”. You may find yourself restless, spinning your wheels day and night. 

Legal bindings or distrusting a situation may lead to conflicts with others. This is likely to end well for you, especially in important partnerships. With your good humor and amiable charm, you can assert your boundaries with courtesy. 

You are efficient with your earnings and thrive working on your own. You might feel like an outsider looking in. You are receptive and understanding of other’s moods, yet you remain unaffected. 

Your success comes from your individuality. With your fiery spirit combined with inventiveness, the possibilities are endless. The only limits are those you put on yourself.

Virgo (August 22nd – September 22nd)

The Sun in Leo offers a time to set down all that you are carrying. The month ahead is a time for gentle movements and meditative reflection.

There is difficulty expressing yourself in the coming weeks. An internal shift has changed you, but you are not sure what to make of it. Sit with yourself and process this spiritual development. It is best to work things out by yourself, which may mean traveling a lonely road. 

You are reforming your life’s work, modifying how you want to spend your days and serve your community. Work or associates provide an opportunity to travel or experiment with projects. Allow yourself to open up to new experiences instead of stressing over little things. Your worrying mind manifests as physical illness. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Once you decide your direction, you are independent and self-assertive. Others could see you as domineering and inconsiderate when you are reluctant to take advice. Ultimately, you know what is best for you. Explain your needs and ask for space when needed.

You might not have much energy for anything except relaxing at home. Recharge and restore your energy.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

The Sun in Leo jolts your brain with invigorating ideas. The coming weeks inspire you to bring people together with music, magic, and romance.

You are impulsive in love and seek pleasure everywhere you go. Your creative imagination sparkles like champagne bubbles. You could feel possessive of your affairs. Loosen your grip on control. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from sharing.  

The coming weeks bring people together at parties, sports, and theatrical events. You are drawn toward what is extravagant. Your luck and charm could overinflate your ego, making you prone to risk it all. An intuition you had reveals itself through unreliable relationships or circumstances. Many of your connections are sustained through intellectual understanding. Two heads are better than one, even conniving at times. You tend to think impractically about goals or think cynically about dreams. 

You have much to contemplate and only you can figure things out for yourself. You are naturally affectionate, beautiful, sympathetic, and cheerful. Perhaps you are too fond of pleasure as you tend to overindulge.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd)

The Sun in Leo intensifies your role as a leader and influence on others. The stakes are raised and you are determined to have your way. 

Emotions may have you unsettled and you would rather stay in your comfort zone. No matter where you find yourself, you cannot seem to rest. Perhaps you are neglecting a part of reality that needs your attention.

You are in a no-nonsense mood. You are adaptable but intent on accomplishing your goals. Others take authority well from you, so long as you are not arrogant. In theory, the more control you have, the more prepared you are for unforeseen disruptions. Secretly, you would trade all your responsibilities for ice cream and T.V. in a heartbeat. Arguments stir when you feel underappreciated for taking responsibility for others without their favors in return. Privacy is not affordable to you. It is best to expose your true self before the public pulls back the curtain.

You are a truly emotional, sensitive, selfless being. Allow yourself to express your artistry and commit to your creativity to the same degree when you are alone as with others.

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 20th)

The Sun in Leo sends you on an expedition to explore new people, places, and ideas. You feel fanatical about higher education and eager to further your research. 

You aspire to break from the routine, to test the boundaries. Anything normal or expected irritates you. You crave interference and adventure. Advanced knowledge and witty banter turn you on to interesting encounters. You are tempted to meddle in other people’s affairs or make promises you can’t keep. Stand by your word and stay true to yourself. Your intense curiosity could lead you to impractical or reckless decisions.

You are optimistic for the future but discontent with the same old people, places, and ideas. Your self-reliance and ambition take you far in your work. You are competitive and deal with problems head-on. It is frustrating to aim at a moving target. Your goals shift every time you uncover nuances to concepts and philosophies. Detach from expectation and appreciate the journey. 

You are in love with the unknown and anything bizarre is attracted to you. Investigate the vague, dreamy, and impractical possibilities that suck you down the rabbit hole. 

Capricorn (December 21st – January 19th)

The Sun in Leo is your psychic radar, picking up on insights and fine details that otherwise go unnoticed. Listen to your fear and your pride. Your constant aspiration for self-improvement could be blocked by fear of loss and change. 

Your creativity is your best asset. You have a keen instinct for what makes a profit and are likely to use your imagination in business. Communicate your ideas with your team and work in pairs for the best outcome. You have an innate ability to pick up on other’s motives. Use this to your advantage and prepare to make changes or compromises. Social contracts promise great financial luck and benefits.

You are an honest visionary, but you are stuck in your ways. You are headstrong and will fight for your convictions, but you need everyone to cooperate to get the job done. Enjoy your moments of independence and remain open to input from others. You do your thing and let others do theirs. There is no reason to stick your nose where it doesn’t belong. 

This is a sensitive time for you as you are in the process of healing and figuring something out. Questions about the afterlife and spirituality may be on your mind. Prompt deep conversations with others who relate to your feelings. Find stability by committing to one thing a day that makes you happy.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

The Sun in Leo reflects a familiar face that lights you up and excites your spirit. It seems everyone is attracted to your presence. Your partnerships are specially strengthened. Clashes with others happen over a fight for power. 

You have an imaginative expression of yourself, unique and set apart from the crowd. Your best relationships are intellectually compatible and you are adaptable to most situations. You are intuitive about others and receptive to their moods. Your curiosity pushes you to investigate their psyche but respect their decision to keep their private thoughts private.

You inspire confidence in others. Your broad-minded, individuality spreads an infectious kindness in your community. You are secure in your relationships. You and your respective partners are responsive and sensual in your ever-changing love. Remember to take the rose-tinted glasses off once in a while as you are prone to self-indulgence and being naive.

You have a penetrating mind that communicates insights well. You have compassion toward others for their differences and celebrate open-mindedness. Even when your societal ideals seem unattainable, your impact is greater than you know.

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

The Sun in Leo honors your hard work. Your problem-solving skills are appreciated by the many people you serviced. Accept this praise instead of fussing over little details. 

You are more sensitive and receptive now than usual. It is a good time to distance yourself from reality. Take time to consider your insecurities. You are a notorious perfectionist and expectations overwhelm you. Left unchecked, your nervous worries could overcome your ability to complete daily tasks. 

Find your independence. This does not necessarily mean separating yourself from relationships. Give yourself enough space to be an individual before you commit to another person. You may need to change your habits or occupation to best suit your own needs instead of adapting to other’s needs. Pay attention to your health. Unresolved inner conflicts often come out as diseases in the body. 

Enjoy some rejuvenating alone time to reconnect with your authentic self. You are compassionate and yearn to be helpful, but it isn’t realistic to rely on others for your happiness. Trust that your self-healing practices inspire and help others. 


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