What’s Your Hobby?

What do you do for fun? Personally, I have a small menagerie of pets. In all honesty they keep me in check, not the other way around. 

By Chandlor Henderson

In my medium length life (I’m 38) I have gone through a few different stages of what relaxes me. As a pre-teen, it was a vampire novel. As a teenager and young adult, it was blunts rolled with what is now low grade cannabis. As a late 20’s person, Jameson and Guinness. Now, it’s my pets.

When I moved to Oregon I came with $60 and a backpack. I was fortunate enough to also receive some family assistance, but I was planning on staying in a shelter till I figured it out. I was struggling to survive living in Washington D.C. I had a small 1 bedroom apartment in the NE corridor, and I was working at a restaurant with a bunch of admitted white nationalists. 

When I arrived on the west coast, I was just ecstatic to get out of DC. Oregon was such a different environment. On the surface everyone seemed so friendly. I had a group of friends I loved and things were going well. That friend group ended up not being my cup of tea, but that is another story for another time.

A few years back I adopted my first dog, Liyah. I named her after the long gone singer Aaliyah, and another dog I used to own that was brutally taken away from me while at work one day. Liyah has been my saving grace, and has made my life exponentially better. No living person means more to me than Liyah, but don’t tell my wife I said that. 

Two years later I adopted two other dogs. Maggie, who is Liyah’s littermate, and Kemba, a puppy from unknown origins. I also got married, and my wife came with a cat named Kanji. In addition, for a short time we adopted a sweet Tortie named Cookie, but a good friend of mine adopted her after living with us for a while. But in all honesty she adopted him.

The most complicated pets in our zoo might be our fish. We have several, honestly too many to count, in our three fish thanks. We have a 60 gallon community tank, a 20 gallon community tank, and a 10 gallon quarantine tank. We don’t have a TV in our living room, so these tanks are our primary entertainment in the main house. 

I love these fish. I feel like sometimes they don’t get as much attention as they deserve, but I keep the water clean. I don’t let the algae accumulate too much. And I have gotten quite good at medicating sick fish when needed. 

These animals are what I call my super power. They keep my soul grounded and my mind active. No, they aren’t cheap, but I figure they cost as much as I would pay for therapy, which I should likely look into. 

I think everyone should have a hobby, we would like to know yours. Please connect with us, and send us photos and videos of your cute animals. We want to see them. Our instagram link is below.


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