Rick Ross ‘Richer Than I Ever Been’ Album Review

I’m rarely able to listen to a whole album through without skipping tracks. Rick Ross’ most recent release ‘Richer Than I Ever Been’ is unique. In true Ross fashion the album is excellent.

The album starts out with an intro from former Miami drug lord Willie Falcon. In the song Ross showcases his iconic flow, with soothing vocals from The-Dream. It’s a nice track.

The next track, The Pulitzer is a banger. Listen to it loud. My only critique is the song is too short at 2:18.

Benny The Butcher has an incredible verse on Rapper Estates. Ross usually reserves verses on such hard-hitting beats for Drake, so it’s nice that he’s working with a lesser known artist on this track. It’s a nice touch.

As a Black man some songs are only for us. In Marathon Ross does what we love him for, and gets political. On the second verse he says:

“Judas was a politician, made up like a Ronald Reagan

This is just a war on drugs, tell me how you feel about it

Black lives really matter now, tell Emmett Till about it

George Floyd was face down as you niggas stood around it

Did your little FaceTimes, left the neighborhood astounded

Reason why I sold dope, I just want a way around it.”

In Warm Worlds I hear a familiar voice in Wale. Being from the DMV area I remember seeing him performing Nike Boots way back. I’m proud of my hometown brotha’s success. Future is also on the track, but his verse is subpar.

Not to leave out the strip club track, Wiggle makes sure to touch all the bases. DreamDoll’s verse is fire, and better than Ross’ verse on the track. The two make a great pair as their voices are both powerful and distinct. It’s a nice lil party jam. 

Made it Out Alive speaks to America’s drug crisis. Ross often glorifies drug sales as a means out of poverty. He also speaks on the downfall of drug use on society as a whole. He says, 

“Seen Gs turn into fiends, get a thousand years

Amphetamines, the meth told on a nigga steps

Everybody turnin’ state, be careful what you rep.”

Blxst adds a nice touch to the song, accompanied by a very calming bass line. 

In Outlawz Jasmine Sullivan & 21 Savage give us the album’s only love song. I know I wouldn’t mind Sullivan singing these lyrics to me. In the song 21 also gives us his opinion on the critics of his art by saying, 

“These niggas still talkin’ like bitches, I pray that shit stop (21)

I don’t wanna hear yo’ opinion about what’s hip hop (21)

30 hangin’ off of my bridges, nigga that’s hip-hop (on God).”

We hear you 21. 

Imperial High and Richer Than I Ever Been are good tracks. I find myself not being super excited about them, but they will make your speakers jump. The last track, Hella Smoke, is a dope way to finish the album. Ross summons hip hip legend Wiz Khalifa to close out the album. In proper Khalifa fashion he urges us to fill our lungs and vibe out. 

“Wake up early, getting to the money

Fixing breakfast for my son, smoke a J to keep me calm

‘Cause the world is crazy, niggas trippin’ lately.”

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