Nas and Hit-Boy gives us ‘Magic’ for Christmas 2021

Nas reminds us he’s the GOAT for Christmas. “I’m 21 years past the 27 club,” Nas.

Nas 'Magic' Album Cover
Nas and Hit-Boy Release Collaboration Album

On ‘Speachless’ Nas gives us a taste of his classic flawless rhymes. I didn’t listen to much Nas in the past decade. After listening to this album I find myself wondering why. I often have the same feeling when I listen to Earth Wind & Fire. Like why do I even listen to anything else? At one point Nas says, 

“Only thing undefeated is time

Second is the internet, number three is this rhyme

Before security, my dog had to sneak in the nine

God must be on my side I had to eat and provide

My winning streak is divine.”

Listening to Nas’ flow brings me back to my high school days, particularly the God’s Son album. That album got me through a lot of nights. God’s Son could have been one of the catalyst for me to start studying African History.

‘Meet Joe Black’ is an old school head banger. Go ahead and throw on your beats and play this track as loud as you can. Nasty Nas says, 

“I been gettin’ criticized, it’s keepin’ me energized

Create with a business mind, I’m from where killers reside

A wild hood, only knew goons since my childhood

Niggas say anything in they raps ’cause it sound good

Don’t even mean what they say, horrible outlook.”

The composition on ‘Ugly’ is incredible. It sounds like an old record playing over your headphones. I dig it. Nas says in the track, 
“Ugly Christmas sweater party with no Santa Claus

Companies profit off of black trauma

That’s ugly, mad ugly just like Sheneneh and Wanda

You been through shit, I been through shit, every day is an honor.”

‘40-16 Building’ is a nice track. The track flows with the rest of the album. 

‘Hollywood Gangsta’ gives us another dose of Nas’ genius. The beat by Hit-Boy is interesting enough on its own. I expect this beat to show up on some mixtapes in the next few years. Lyrically Nas is brilliant though. He says, 

“Everybody lyin’ telling stories backwards

Like my song Rewind, in store autographin’

To take it back in time to today, I’m smashin’

Flick out ashes, flip girls on a mattress

We get it crackin’ without the attachments

Her and my heart is cold as aspen, both of us laughin.”

In ‘Wu for the Children’ Nas says something that most of us feel. Particularly Black people living in White spaces. “I don’t work this hard to be around people I don’t like.” This track is fire. 

A$AP Rocky and DJ Premier are the only artists to make an appearance on the album in ‘Wave Gods’. This might be so far the pinnacle of Rocky’s career. The track is fire. Rocky says, 

“Hear some niggas talkin’ nonsense, call up Nasty Nastradamus

Rock the pearls and diamonds, break the promise, break her wallets

Break her heart and break her pockets, takin’ notes like guidance counselors

Aristocrat like a chancellor, the answer to the, uh, panhandlers

The corners with the mans is up, the jig is up, the scams is up.”

‘The Truth’ is a nice track. The album flows in a way few albums do. This new Nas album is exactly what we needed for Christmas this year. 

‘Dedicated’ is a lovely way to end an incredible album. Nasty Nas brought me back with this dope album. I’m going to go ahead and say it’s the best album I’ve heard this year. Debate me!

I’ve got to give credit to my good friend Yair for always reminding me of the upcoming music. “In addition to the new nine track project he’s (Nas) is releasing a 3rd Kings Disease next year. I love that he went like six years without dropping an album then in the last 18 months has dropped three albums.”

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