Winter Term 22

I have been going back and forth deciding if I want to make a post about winter term. But here I am, so you know what I decided to do. The most important thing about winter term is during it I got much better at Premier Pro. So much so that most of the blog from this point on will be videos of things that I did during the term.

I have decided that I do love writing and will never stop writing. Professionally I am going to focus on getting better at film making. So that is what this blog will become.

Please be honest with your critiques and let me know where you see potential improvement. Also please send me any ideas or pitches that you have and let us try to make some cool ass videos.

In this video my lovely wife explains how we make our home made dog food for our sick dog Liyah (Leah).
This video is of a “Snack Race” that I did with several other students. I’m not one for group projects, but this one was fun.
This is my personal favorite video out of the bunch, made with my good friend Isaiah Martinez. Owner of Yardy Eugene, which specialized in Black food from around the world.

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Doubles with pork belly at Yardy Eugene.

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