Chandlor Henderson was born and raised in Fairfax County, VA to a single mother. His childhood was tough, but his quest for knowledge and fairness always pushed his drive for a better life.  

Henderson created the Black American Spring in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. His frustration with the state of the nation and world screamed out through his writing. As a result of Black American Spring, his writing has been featured in local Eugene publication Eugene Weekly, and Lane Community College’s student run publication The Torch.  

The Black American Spring gives Henderson the opportunity to share his insights and gifts with the world, in addition to providing a platform for up-and-coming writers and artists. Henderson believes that while not every topic featured in this blog needs to be focused on the Black community, he believes that the editors need to come from diverse backgrounds; as to not continue the European bias seen in most journalism.  

“Only through honesty will all human beings be fair and equal. Only through education and shared knowledge will we grow,” Henderson said. Please join in on our mission to tear down the walls of “white supremacy”, which is actually White Terrorism.