White Terrorism > White Privilege

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT9IWNxHupc For most of my life I've been told by people how much more privilege they have than me. This often coincides with being asked if I can give them something or buy them something, which always gives me a little chuckle. But as I've gotten older and better travelled I personally don't believe in … Continue reading White Terrorism > White Privilege

Criminal Associates

By Chandlor Henderson Photo Cred Andrew Kelly / Reuters Another one of Trump's closest idiots has gotten arrested. This time it's Steve Bannon. For Trump's entire "Presidency" I have watched his cronies break law after law in plain sight. I think most of us suspected Bannon's Mexico Wall GoFundMe to end in fraud and now … Continue reading Criminal Associates

The Juneteenth Freedom Celebration in Eugene Oregon

By Chandlor Henderson Today I was fortunate to be able to attend and take photos at another bliggidy black event here in Eugene, Oregon. I tend to be naturally shy, and although I enjoy taking photos of people, it's usually just me and them. This event took me out of my comfort zone, which can … Continue reading The Juneteenth Freedom Celebration in Eugene Oregon

Diaspora Project ~ Neil

By Chandlor Henderson This series started as a photography project a few terms ago. I wrote up some questions and distributed them to a few people I thought might be interested. The area I live in is predominately white, and has been known for generations to have a lot of white nationalists in the community. … Continue reading Diaspora Project ~ Neil

“White on Black” crime

By Chandlor Henderson One thing that has always annoyed me about the American media and white communities is the use of the term "black-on-black" crime. That's not to say it doesn't happen, but when a white person hurts another white person, is that called "white-on-white" crime? It's not. So let's unpack that, for the people … Continue reading “White on Black” crime

Justice for Manuel Ellis

By Chandlor Henderson On March 3, 2020, Manuel Ellis was murdered by Tacoma Police. According to the police's story he approached the car, banged on the windows, and when they opened the door he pushed them to the ground. At that point their only course of action was to beat him till he died, while … Continue reading Justice for Manuel Ellis

Diaspora Project ~ Diego

The Diaspora Project started as my final for a photography class a few terms ago. The original idea was to reach out to members of the black community in Eugene and ask each of them the same 5 questions, take their picture, and share the results. After discussing this idea with my classmates and friends, … Continue reading Diaspora Project ~ Diego